Solution to

Discoloured Risen Lesions on Toes

the Toe Lift!

Discoloured, Risen Marks on the top of your toes?

These are often described as foot corns but are in fact damaged skin from wearing narrow shoes with not enough depth. The only solution was surgery, until now!

  • Discoloured toes are not treated the same as corns. We have developed a unique treatment protocol which includes an initial consultation to assess the lesions to make sure you are suitable for the treatment protocol. Then an intra-lesional steroid injection is given, with the aim of improving its appearance. This reduces the size of the lesion. Followed by a hyaluronic acid injection treatment after a few days. It is specifically designed to improve skin quality with increased smoothness, hydration and elasticity. We also provide a unique after care gel to ensure you achieve optimum results. All treatments are carried out by fully qualified experienced podiatrists. Please see Blog page for all new images and videos!
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Initial Consultation

Everyone's feet are unique! All new patients must have an initial consultation so that we may assess your toes and choose the most suitable treatment for your feet.

1st Injection

The first injection is an intra-lesional steriod injection to reduce the depth of the lesion.

2nd Injection

The second injection is an hyaluronic acid injection after 7 days and will rehydrate, replenish the skin and treat discoloration.

Unique after procedure gel

7 days after the second injection you would need to use a unique scar gel we provide, twice a day for two months.